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"Some things are such that cannot be said but can be written."

Write it

How to make a blueprint of book?
How to structure stories?
How to avoid common mistakes while writing?
How to be constant towards writing a book?

Publish it

Get dedicated publishing team.
Get 100% rights of your contents.
Get 100% royalty amount.
Get high quality editors.

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Benefit of our online and offline network.
Benefit of Facebook and Amazon ads.
Benefit of email marketing.
Know your target audience and niche.

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Guided publishing plan

KNOW - Well benefiting services.
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Own all subsidiary rights

Own the copyright of the work.
Retain the right of the content.
Retain the right of publishing.

Control of selling process

Get 100% royalty of the book sales.
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Networking opportunities

Integration of social media profiles.
Launch book and build buzz.
Build bridge to the target audience.

Publish: Online - Onsite or Both

Maximise your book’s sales potential. Reach readers all over the world.

Publish to all major online stores

Publish your book on all major online stores Amazon, Flipkart, Barnes & Noble, Kindle - internationally.

Online and offline distribution

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Webinar conduction

If you are wondering how to do webinar that people will actually want to watch, then you are at the right place. Make it easier and cheaper for your target group to be engaged by your message.

Amazon #1 Bestseller

Promotion of any product to bestseller is not a one day process and requires lots of market knowledge. We don't just publish the book, we promote it to Amazon bestseller.


We market your book and other digital products to get maximum sales. We assist you with the best sales success formula blueprint.

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